Shamanic Workshops

As both an artist and shamanic practitioner, CJ Shelton occasionally runs workshops on core aspects of shamanism at her studio in The Alton Mill Arts Centre or in the community and can conduct workshops at your location, event or retreat.

Please see below for CJ’s current offerings or contact CJ at for more information on how a shamanic workshop can be tailored to meet your needs.

The Way of the WheelIntroduction to Shamanism and The Way of the Wheel

WHEN:  Date to be decided for March 2022
LOCATION:   Studio #206, The Alton Mill Arts Centre
TIME:  10 am to 2 pm
COST:  $160 + HST per person

PLEASE NOTE:  this introductory workshop is a prerequisite to taking the full Way of the Wheel Mentorship Program (see below)

What is Shamanism? Shamanism is the world’s oldest spiritual and healing path. It is also a way of life, one that believes in maintaining balance and harmony with the natural world. In shamanism all things – stones, plants, animals and humans – are ‘alive’, filled with spirit and interconnected by energies that are all around us in both the seen and unseen worlds.

What is the Way of the Wheel? Teaching wheels, or “medicine wheels”, as they are traditionally called, are a holistic model used by many indigenous cultures, shamanic and pagan traditions as a guide for personal decision making, problem solving and accomplishing goals. A Wheel represents the alignment and continuous interaction of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realities. As such, it is a simple but extremely effective tool for health and healing. The Way of the Wheel is based on this tradition of using a circular map as a compass for navigating our earth-walk and spiritual path.

Who is this workshop for? If you are interested in shamanism or paganism, are at a crossroads, are struggling with indecision or simply wanting to bring greater clarity and balance to your life that is more in tune with Nature’s rhythms and cycles, then this introductory workshop is a good first step. It will also help you decide if the full Way of the Wheel program is the right fit for your way forward through 2022 and beyond.

This first introductory session provides a basic understanding of some of the core principles of shamanic tradition, a brief history and context for its practice in our current society and will give you some simple but effective tools to start connecting to Nature and the Great Wheel of Life. Some of the concepts we will discuss include “journeying”, using natural objects as touchstones and working with animal spirits and other helpers.

If you have a deep connection to Nature and more questions than answers about different types of “experiences” you have had, then this workshop can help in increasing your understanding. Even if you only take this first session you will leave with a new appreciation for Nature and traditional wisdom paths that celebrate All That Is.

The Way of the Wheel is designed to help you come into your own center and experience firsthand core teachings of the shamanic way of life that go beyond just reading about them and helps you one live more in harmony with Mother Earth.

Please contact CJ Shelton at with any questions and to register

The Way of the Wheel Mentorship Program

Next Cycle begins April 2022

PER-REQUISITES:  Candidates for the full Way of the Wheel program must have taken the Introduction to Shamanism workshop and/or had an initial 1-on-1 Discovery Session with CJ Shelton to see if the program is the right fit.

Please email for further inquiries or to be added to the notification list for 2022 or 2023.

Teaching wheels or “medicine wheels” as they are traditionally called, are a holistic model used by many indigenous cultures, pagan and other spiritual traditions as a guide for personal decision making, problem solving, creating new projects and accomplishing goals. The Way of the Wheel is based on this tradition of a circular map that provides a compass for navigating our earth-walk and spiritual path.

In this small intimate mentorship group (maximum 6 participants) facilitated by artist and shamanic practitioner CJ Shelton, you will follow a sacred and time-honoured shamanic path that takes you through the Four Great Directions (East, South, West and North) of the Wheel of Life.

You will learn teachings that draw on the common aspects of several indigenous, pagan and psychological traditions and how they work with the stages, seasons and elements on the Wheel. You will also learn how to use the correlating wisdom of various animals, crystals and plant medicines for each direction. Please note that CJ was trained by Pete Bernard of the Algonquins of Pikwàkanagàn First Nation in Pikwàkanagàn, Ontario, Canada and any of the indigenous-based wisdom that is shared is from his tradition.

The teachings of the Wheel will be experienced first-hand through guided journeys, deep conversation, personal symbol-making and ceremony. You will discover where you currently sit on the Wheel and how to work with the “medicines” or energies to balance out your journey.

Who is this course for?

If you are interested in shamanism, at a crossroads and have more questions than answers, are struggling with indecision or simply wanting a simple and effective way of bringing greater clarity and balance to your life that is more in tune with Nature’s rhythms and cycles, then this program will provide a safe container for you to explore with a small group of like-minded kindred souls. At the end of the first four sessions you will feel more connected to the rhythms of the Earth, and in turn, your own unique expressions of the energies of the Great Wheel of Life.

The Way of the Wheel is designed to help you come into your own center and experience firsthand the core teachings of the shamanic way of life, one that is lived from a deep connection to the heart of Mother Earth. Join Artist & Shamanic Practitioner CJ Shelton as she leads this ancient voyage through the realms of Spirit and connection to All That Is!

Testimonials from participants

“In a world full of distractions, staying grounded, aligned and in balance can be difficult.  The Way of the Wheel has given me new insights for working with nature’s cycles, the energies and my animal spirit guides. The teachings are rich, and with every turn of the wheel, CJ skillfully and compassionately guided each member of our circle to dig a little deeper to find the answers that lay within.  Within this safe and sacred space, I found the courage and support to recognize and challenge those self-limiting beliefs that prevent me from being aware of the possibilities.  The transformation, growth and change that I have experienced and witnessed in the past year have been remarkable.” ~ Jane Finn

Choosing to open myself to the teachings of the Wheel was perhaps the greatest investment, in myself, I could have made.  It was year that altered my life, and each precious moment within it, permanently. We are at a critical time as a species. The World around us is mirroring how far we have strayed from our True Nature. The gift of Truth and Light is hidden deep within each of us. The Wheel offers us the teachings and the tools to gently navigate that journey within. CJ’s studio provides a loving, safe and nurturing environment to make that journey. The healing I experienced on the inside has significantly changed my world outside. I now have the confidence to come back to the Wheel when life inevitably presents opportunities for me to grow. I have been a student of CJ’s for 5 years and, more than any book on my shelf, CJ has given me the gift of wisdom and strengthened my relationship with my own inner guru. I feel very blessed to have CJ as a dear friend, and a guide in our community.  ~ Mary Rowan

Traveling the Wheel with CJ and others has been a life-changing experience. I entered the program with the idea of gaining a better sense of self and this opportunity has given me that and so much more. CJ creates a safe, respectful and non-judgemental environment for people to learn, share and grow. Know that even though this work is deeply personal, in no way is this program “group therapy”. The Way of the Wheel provides a framework and tools for self-reflection and personal growth. Having lived this experience i now feel I have the skills to call upon the animals as I continue “around the Wheel” on my own. I now recognize which gifts the different directions provide and what “medicine” to call on when balance is needed. The impact of having a community to experience this with was invaluable. I gained understanding and insight by listening to other group members hare their experiences. Thank you CJ.  ~ AS

I just want to let you know how much I have benefited from “The Way of the Wheel” program. I have found it to be a very useful tool when applying it to everyday problems. By following the “Wheel” principles, getting to the root cause of an issue has allowed solutions to come quicker and be more effective. But the Wheel goes much deeper. It is truly a way of life and it has revealed to me hidden causes to issues that have plagued me for my whole life. And these revelations have given me the ability to let go, move forward and feel more at peace. And I thank you for providing such a safe and discreet venue. ~ Sandy

Program Details

WHEN:  Due to the small group format whenever a circle of 4-6 participants comes together with the stated intention to embark on the Way of the Wheel journey, days and times for each session will be decided on in order to accommodate everyone’s schedule. Typically, the ideal start time is springtime, the Direction of the East. The other 3 directions are then scheduled throughout the year to correspond accordingly and suit the availability of group members. Please contact CJ to register your intention to take this journey.

MATERIALS REQUIRED:  A notebook and an open heart

FEE:   $299 + HST per session (each session is approximately 6 hours long and includes mentoring via email between sessions)

ADDITIONAL FEES:  Some groups have found it helpful to stay connected between the four main sessions by having “check-in” interim sessions, either live or via Zoom. These would be optional (to be decided by the group) and in addition to the regular session fee. Cost would be $125 +HST per interim session.

Please note the following:

  • You must commit to attending all four primary sessions so that you receive the full benefit of the program
  • The small group format will be limited to only 6 participants so that all receive plenty of attention
  • Sessions will be scheduled according to what best suits the group
  • The small group format will provide a safe container for helping each participant move forward whether they are currently experiencing a challenging period, re-assessing life goals or simply wanting to learn a new way of being in the world
  • Please note that this is a learning circle where collective wisdom is shared and all participants contribute equally to the good of the whole group. Private 1-on-1 consultations can be booked with CJ to discuss more in-depth personal issues that may come up.

Dancing Moon Designs is dedicated to creating an environment that is inclusive of all.

Please contact CJ with questions or to discuss whether this program is right for you.

About CJ Shelton

CJ Shelton
CJ Shelton, Artist & Shamanic Practitioner

CJ Shelton is trained in traditional healing (shamanism) by Algonquin Shaman Pete Bernard of the 8th Fire School of Medicine Work. She is also a Reiki Master and holds diplomas in Social Service Work from Seneca College and Spiritual Psychotherapy from Transformational Arts College. CJ is also a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids. As an avid student of both Celtic and Indigenous philosophies she seamlessly blends these ancient traditions with elements of transpersonal psychology and psycho-spiritual counselling in her practice of shamanism.

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