1-on-1 Spiritual Consultations

I am a certified and trained practitioner in a variety of modalities that can assist you in learning more about yourself and the root causes of challenges or crossroads you may be experiencing in your life.

One-on-one private sessions can be booked with me in the areas listed below. Please scroll down to learn more:

Shamanic Consultations

Smudge Bowl

The word “shaman” originates in Siberia and means “one who sees in the dark”. The term refers to a traditional healer or medicine person trained in indigenous and nature-based healing practices. Shamanism is the world’s oldest healing and spiritual path with practices that respect and work seamlessly with all cultures and belief systems.

A core belief in shamanism is that everything – whether stone, plant, animal or human – is imbued by Spirit or life-force energy. Sometimes imbalances of this life-force can occur because of the presence of energetic intrusions, a loss of personal power or the fragmenting of soul parts. From a shamanic perspective, these imbalances originate at the spiritual level. A general feeling of fatigue, unease or even physical illness is often the result.

Crystals and Shells

The ‘shamanic journey’ is a time-tested method for accessing knowledge and receiving guidance during sessions. The Journey carries a practitioner outside of time and space into what is known as Non-Ordinary Reality. This is done to retrieve information and visions. Journeying can be done to find answers to all sorts of questions. It is often undertaken by shamans and shamanic practitioners on behalf of the client with the intention of restoring their personal power and authority.

Shamanic consultations and healing work involves identifying the causes of energetic imbalance. Various non-invasive and intuitive methods can then be used to help restore understanding, harmony and well-being on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

I am a Shamanic Practitioner trained in the Algonquin tradition by Pete Bernard of the 8th Fire School of Algonquin Medicine Work and a member of The Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.

To read more about the benefits and outcomes of a shamanic session click here. I offer one-on-one private shamanic consultations and mentoring on core aspects of shamanism.

COST:  sessions vary in length but are typically $250+ HST for a minimum 2-hour session. Each additional half hour is $50.

TO BOOK A SESSION: Email artist@dancingmoondesigns.ca

Spiritual Direction, Mentoring & Tarot Consultations

Are you a “seeker” finding yourself at a crossroads or asking the “big” questions about life? A one-on-one mentoring session with me can provide you with tools and guidance for your journey. Sometimes all we need is an empathetic ear, an objective listener and gentle spirit to help us discern our next steps or simply to help make sense of it all.

As someone who has been on the “path” for over 25 years, it is quite likely i have been where you may now find yourself and can use a variety of approaches and modalities to assist in getting you “unstuck” or thinking about things from a different perspective.

Sessions are 1-on-1 and can be tailored to suit your individual needs and requests.

COST: $250 + HST for a typical 2 hour consultation session although for a Tarot consultation one hour may be sufficient and is $100. Each additional half-hour for either type of session is $50.

TO BOOK A SESSION: email artist@dancingmoondesigns.ca

MARI® “Soul Symbol” Sessions

Self Discovery Mandala Interpretation Sessions with CJ Shelton

Mandala Drawing 2

Mandalas can be ‘read’ or interpreted like a story. The colours, patterns and symbols used can reveal all sorts of things about a person’s personality and what is going on in their life. This is the language of the soul and an in-depth one-on-one interpretative session can help access your intuitive wisdom, providing guidance that comes from your own subconscious.

The MARI® Card System (Mandala Assessment Research Instrument) is a creative self-discovery and assessment tool based on symbols and colours that provides a visual picture of your psyche. I am a Certified MARI® Practitioner and fully trained in this fascinating system.

The process begins with drawing a mandala. No art experience is necessary and this stage can be skipped if you don’t feel comfortable doing art although i highly recommend you give it a try because it is what the mandala reveals, not how “beautiful” the end result is that matters. I then have you intuitively match a series of symbols with colours. With my guidance, the meaning of the symbols and colours you choose for both your mandala and the symbol-matching are discussed in-depth.

This process is simple, fun and effective. It can assist you in finding solutions to questions you are currently living with by revealing what your deep unconscious self already knows the answer to.

COST: $250 + HST for a 2 hour session. Each additional half hour is $50. Fee includes mandala making, art materials, MARI reading and synopsis

TO BOOK A SESSION: Email artist@dancingmoondesigns.ca

The Mystic’s Circle

Learning & Sharing Gathering with CJ Shelton

Illuminate your spiritual life … Like-minded hearts and minds come together in this gathering of friends “on the journey” who share a common interest in all things of a mystical and spiritual nature.

Who is The Mystic’s Circle For?

If you have a hunger for soul-based knowledge, are open-minded and enjoy the company of others “on the path”, then The Mystic’s Circle is right for you. Within its safe and supportive atmosphere, we exchange all manner of “illuminating” stories, thoughts, ideas and perspectives.

Each of us shines a unique light that can help illuminate the way for others. Often what one person says is what someone else needs to hear at that exact moment to help them on their own journey.

In the spirit of connection and learning, this unique “wisdom” Circle facilitated by CJ Shelton provides a safe container for discussion and in-depth exploration of a wide variety of spiritual and thought-provoking topics. The Mystic’s Circle promotes inclusiveness and is open to both women and men. It also welcomes those of any faith or belief system.

Your host, CJ Shelton, is an experienced facilitator and instructor who founded The Mystic’s Circle in January 2016 to fill a growing need expressed by many to have a safe forum for discussing spiritual topics. The in-person Circle went on hiatus during the pandemic and switched to an online format. Currently the Circle is held approximately two to four times per year for Solstice and Equinox celebrations. Plans are currently in the works to bring monthly gatherings back again.

If you are interested in being a part of the Mystic Circle email me at artist@dancingmoondesigns.ca to be added to the notification list.

Dancing Moon Designs is dedicated to creating an environment that is inclusive of all, values all, and recognizes the rights of all. We are all equal.

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