The Mystic’s Circle

Learning & Sharing Gathering with CJ Shelton

Illuminate your spiritual life … Like-minded hearts and minds come together in this monthly gathering of friends “on the journey” who share a common interest in all things of a mystical and spiritual nature.

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In the spirit of connection and learning, this unique “wisdom” Circle facilitated by CJ Shelton provides a safe container for discussion and in-depth exploration of a wide variety of spiritual and thought-provoking topics, including (but not limited to): alchemy, the stages of the soul, reincarnation, the Ascension process, the individuation process, the Hero’s Journey, mythology, Nature-based wisdom, and much more.

Your host, CJ Shelton, is an experienced facilitator and instructor who founded The Mystic’s Circle in January 2016 to fill a growing need expressed by many to have a safe forum for discussing spiritual topics. The Circle has been thriving ever since and is much loved and looked forward to every month.

Who is The Mystic’s Circle For?

If you have a hunger for soul-based knowledge, are open-minded and enjoy the company of others “on the path”, then The Mystic’s Circle is right for you. Within its safe and supportive atmosphere, we exchange all manner of “illuminating” stories, thoughts, ideas and perspectives.

Each of us shines a unique light that can help illuminate the way for others. Often what one person says is what someone else needs to hear at that exact moment to help them on their own journey.

Whenever two or more come together and sit in circle a feeling of unity, balance, interconnectedness and equality is created. All participants can benefit from what is shared within the circle’s sacred container.

The Mystic’s Circle promotes inclusiveness and is open to both women and men. It also welcomes those of any faith or belief system.

Please note … The Mystic’s Circle is NOT a place for those looking to network for clients or promote their individual healing/counselling/mediumship/psychic or other services. Such marketing activities are not permitted and anyone who engages in this type of behaviour will be asked to leave.

It is also important that potential participants be aware that the topics discussed in the Circle are not “new agey” beginner’s topics but intended for those seriously wanting to grow and develop along the spiritual path.

In order to make sure The Mystic’s Circle is the right fit for you please email CJ Shelton to set up a brief “getting to know you” session.

Experience The Mystic’s Circle …

IN PERSON: Circles are typically held every third Thursday evening of the month at CJ Shelton’s Dancing Moon Studio at the Alton Mill Arts Centre. Each month focuses on different subject matter and includes a learning component as well as time for sharing, discussion and companionship.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the current COVID 19 Pandemic The Mystic’s Circle has been temporarily moved to an online format via Zoom. To be added to the notification list email CJ at

  • WHEN – Every third Thursday evening of the month
  • TIME – 7 to 9 pm
  • LOCATION – Studio #206, The Alton Mill Arts Centre
  • COST – there is typically a fee for in-person sessions at the studio but as the Circle is currently being held online the fee is a pay-from-the heart donation (suggested amount $15 per Circle).

The Mystic’s Circle is sacred space and is by invitation only. You cannot “drop in” but must be on the Circle’s email notification list in order to attend these events.

Please email CJ Shelton for more information at

The Mystic’s Circle Online

In Development! The Mystic’s Circle is always evolving and plans are in the works to expand it’s reach so that more “friends on the journey” can join through an online forum.

Email CJ for more information or to be put on a notification list for announcements.

Dancing Moon Designs is dedicated to creating an environment that is inclusive of all, values all, and recognizes the rights of all. We are all equal.

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