Private Art Instruction with CJ Shelton

For nervous newbies and more experienced alike, private 1-on-1 instruction in drawing and painting (using acrylic or watercolour) with CJ Shelton can provide you with a good start or help with specific projects.

My goal is to help you grow, introduce you to new ideas and ways of thinking about art (and your ability to do it!), avoid common pitfalls and “unlearn” bad habits you may have fallen into or learned from less reliable sources, while at the same time challenging you to be more confident in expressing your creativity – in short, helping you become a happy and more relaxed artist!

CJ Shelton

CJ’s gentle and encouraging approach can help overcome even the greatest of insecurities and working one-on-one means the focus is on your needs and your needs alone. A private session can be a way to initially build confidence before joining a group class or to simply to work on subject matter and skills of your choice and interest.

Private instruction and mentoring may include (but is not limited to) some or all of the following areas:

  • Learning the fundamentals and basic building blocks of drawing or painting
  • Overall general skill building – shading, perspective, composition, etc.
  • Style development
  • Working towards building a cohesive body of work for a show or portfolio
  • Instruction on specific subject matter, approaches and styles
  • Working with and exploring different mediums
  • Help with composition and choosing suitable subject matter
  • Review and critique of existing work
  • Portfolio review and development for students applying to post-secondary programs

COST: $60+ HST per hour (2 hour minimum) payable at the start of the session

LOCATION: Sessions are conducted in the beautiful and private environment of CJ Shelton’s studio #206 in the Alton Mill Arts Centre.

SUPPLIES: students are required to bring all their own art supplies

For more information or to book a session email CJ at

Dancing Moon Designs is dedicated to creating an environment that is inclusive of all, values all, and recognizes the rights of all. It conducts all its interactions with mutual respect and acceptance and without biases based on differences of any kind. We are all equal.

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