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Under the Dancing Moon is CJ Shelton’s e-newsletter and is sent out about eight or nine times a year. Each newsletter includes a feature article, updates on workshops, shows and other things going on at CJ Shelton’s studio, such as “the story behind the piece”. Feature articles focus on particular themes and ideas that you can apply to your own life. Every month is unique because there is just so much to discover in our amazingly beautiful world!

To read back issues of Under the Dancing Moon from 2014 to the present, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the title links, listed by year of publication.

Here is what subscribers are saying:

“What a beautiful newsletter, CJ! The artwork and words are a balm to my spirit!” ~ Dana

“This is outstanding, CJ, truly moving. You are a superb story-teller. Your work flows and engages the reader, transporting us to the places of which you speak.” ~ Barb

“CJ, these words spoke to (and resonated with) my heart this morning – deeply and profoundly. And, oh, how I LOVE your “Morning Has Broken” work of art. With gratitude and respect for your offerings.” ~ Ilona

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Weekly Soul Snippets

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You can sign up to receive weekly little “soul snippets”, delivered every Sunday morning to your inbox. Each “snippet” features a beautiful seasonal nature photograph by CJ Shelton and a selected quote from a perennial favourite such as Rumi, Walt Whitman, William Wordsworth as well as many current poets and authors. A few questions based on the image and quote are also offered to contemplate and reflect on throughout the week.

To see a sample “Soul Snippet” click here.

Here is what subscribers are saying:

“CJ, I have enjoyed each and every one of your Sunday Snippets. They have a great picture or piece of your beautiful art. The words are inspirational and give us some breath for the next week. Thanks for Snippets!” ~ John

“I compliment the beautiful photos accompanying your soul snippets and I was remarking on how relevant the reflection was for me at this time. Thank you.” ~ Susan

You can check out a sample “snippet” and sign up here.

Back Issues of Under the Dancing Moon

To catch up on previous year’s editions or see what CJ Shelton’s newsletter is all about click on the links below. Enjoy!


January 2021 – Illuminating the Darkness
March 2021 – Stitches in Time
May 2021 – A Sacred Truth
August 2021 – Where Hope Blooms
September 2021 – A Return to Souce
October 2021 – Of Sanctuaries and Wild Edges
December 2021 – Winter Solstice, In Search of our Song


January 2020 – The Unfolding Path and A Beckoning Future
February 2020 – A Prayer for All Creation
April 2020 – The Message and the Medicine
May 2020 – Finding the Path Forward
July 2020 – The Creative Force
September 2020 – Two Weeks With Tom – Sharing a Like Vision
November 2020 – On Dark Feet and Dark Wings – Befriending the Holy Darkness


January 2019 – New Horizons, New Adventures – What Journey Will You Be Taking?
February 2019 – The Seasonality of Life – Lessons in Patience
April 2019 – Journeying Without an Agenda – Wisdom From Our Own Backyard
June 2019 – Of Blossoms and Birdsong – Walking With Awareness
August 2019 – Beyond the Pale – A Fierce Life of Quiet
November 2019 – Lessons From Fallen Leaves
December 2019 – Winter Solstice – Rise and Follow Me


January 2018 – Stepping Through Winter’s Doorway – Signs of Changing Times
February 2018 – Lessons in Patience – What I learned from my Amaryllis
March 2018 – Life’s Holy Rhythms – The Alchemy of Awareness
May 2018 – The Gifts of Mothering – Legends of Springtime
July 2018 – A Dance for the Hours – Sacred Pauses, Holy Reflections
September 2018 – Unexpected Landscapes – Immersions, Disruptions & Way-Showers
October 2018 – Season of Unknowing – Invisible Goals & Soul Migrations
December 2018 – Winter Solstice – Chasing the Light


January 2017 – Traveling To Wisdom – A Sun-Wise Journey Begins
March 2017 – The Lay of Our Land – Finding Balance in Times of Chaos
May 2017 – Courting the Muse – Georgia on My Mind
July 2017 – A Canticle for the Creatures – Small Miracles and Other Graces
September 2017 – High Tea and Honey – Finding LIfe’s Sweet Spots
October 2017 – The Liminal Landscape – Journeying Between Worlds


January 2016 – In the Cave of the Heart, Illuminating our Spiritual Winter
March 2016 – Of Lions, Lambs and Brave Birds
May 2016 – A Changing Landscape, The Myth and Magic of Spring
June 2016 – A Drive Worth Taking – Returning to Source
July 2016 – Wild At Heart – Real Life, Real Magic
October 2016 – The River of Life – Remembrance and Expectations
November 2016 – The Rabbit in the Moon – A Wisdom We Cannot See


January 2015 – What Lights Us From Within
February 2015 – Seed Dreams and Quickenings
April 2015 – Audacious Hope – The Creative Urge to Grow
May 2015 – A Changing Nature – Renewals, Births and Transformations
June 2015 – Of Cardinals and Kestrels – A Place to Live From
July 2015 – All Creatures Great and Small – On a Wing and a Prayer
August 2015 – Deep Blue Waters – Life Running its Courses
September/October 2015 – As the Round Earth Rolls, Journeys of Harvest
December 2015 – Unto Us, Winter Solstice 2015


January 2014 – Exploring the Lunar Depths
February 2014 – Circling Around – Are We There Yet?
March 2014 – Nature’s Balancing Act – The Reasons for the Seasons
April/May 2014 – Patience, Perseverance and Presence
June 2014 – Art in the Garden – Sharing Nature’s Canvas
July 2014 – Painting Up a Storm – The Art of Co-Creation
August 2014 – It’s Elementary! The Origin of the Four Elements
September/October 2014 – The Journey is a Dance
November 2014 – Embracing the Dark – As the Earth Sinks into a Deep Rest

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