Meet the Facilitators …

for the upcoming “Being Present” and “Face to Face” one-day self discovery retreats at Whispering Winds Farm this Summer (2024)


Jane Finn - Whispering Winds Farm

JANE FINN is the owner of Whispering Winds Horses, a tranquil 23.8-acre property surrounded by forests that invites you to relax and explore your heart’s desires – what you need to lead not only a full life, but a fulfilling life.

As a seasoned communications expert, Jane is adept at leading individuals and teams through the process of self-discovery. She has always felt a deep connection to people, horses, and nature. In 2019, Jane became a certified FEEL – Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning coach to engage her horses as her teaching partners. Working with Jane and her horses as your guides and mentors, helps you embody what you learn about yourself.

Discovering who you are is a gift. Exploring how to use your gifts to relate to self and others is a journey. Jane and her herd look forward to supporting and inspiring you on your personal journey to wholeness and well-being.

CJ SHELTON is the owner of Dancing Moon Designs and an award-winning art instructor and educator. She has been teaching a variety of creativity-fostering workshops and art classes in the tranquil environment of her nature-filled studio and gallery at the beautiful historic Alton Mill Arts Centre since 2011.

An accomplished fine artist with a 30+ year career in commercial art and illustration, CJ’s current bodies of work explores the spirit and light in nature through the lens of the circular form. In addition to her extensive art background, she also has extensive training and experience in counselling, therapeutic art facilitation and shamanic nature practices (traditional healing).

CJ’s passion is working one-on-one as well as in small groups, helping others discover the benefits of art for self-expression, mindfulness and relaxation. Her classes are always a magical mix of creativity, fun and inspiration as she artfully guides others in how to live a more harmonious and balanced life. To learn more about CJ and her offerings feel free to continue exploring this website.


Click on the individual photos to see the name of each of our wonderful horse facilitators! A brief description of each of the horses and their “specialties” can be found below the photo gallery.

Miss Emmy is a 13-year-old Gypsy Vanner who was raised in Lindsay and loves the outdoors. She’s slightly shorter, and a wee bit broader than a typical draft horse. Emmy also loves her food, and like her owner, must watch what she eats. Sugar makes her happy, but it can be too much of a good thing.

Simba is a Morgan, Arab, Quarter Horse cross. At 17 years old he still acts like a teenager and is a bit of a trickster. He thoroughly entertains his herd mates with his antics trying to wheedle extra treats from visitors to the farm. Small in stature, Simba is big in heart.

Honeybee or “Honey”, as we like to call her, is a Strawberry Roan Clydesdale. Standing a little over 17 hands high, she is the largest member of our herd. Honey is another rescue so we’re guessing she’s around 29-years-old. A gentle giant, she’s as sweet as her name.

Handsome is an Appaloosa Percheron of an indeterminate age. He was rescued from a field where he had lived alone for several years. We estimate he is somewhere in his mid-20’s. Handsome has been with us for five years and now that he is part of a herd once more, he’s living up to his name!

Valencia or “Val” for short, is a 13-year-old thoroughbred who simply exudes feminine energy. She came to us from the racetrack when she was three. Val excels at teaching humans how to set and maintain boundaries.

Meatball and Pony may be small in stature but these two newest additions to our herd certainly don’t lack spirit. A little whimsical and a touch mischievous, they will catch your attention and capture your heart. While we don’t have many details of their backstory, they are both gentle, trusting, and affectionate by nature. They are also surprisingly brave and approach challenges with courage.

All of the wonderful members of our herd show that wisdom need not be serious, that courage can be found in the most unexpected of places, and that joy can be the companion of perseverance. Equine problem-solving skills, often displayed in creative and unconventional approaches, remind us that thinking ‘outside the box’ can be as much about play as it is about determination.

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