Self Discovery Sessions

MARI® “Soul Symbol” Mandala Interpretation Sessions with CJ Shelton

Mandala Drawing 2Mandalas can be “read” or interpreted like a story. The colours, patterns and symbols used can reveal all sorts of things about a person’s personality and what is going on in their life. This is the language of the soul and an in-depth one-on-one interpretative session can help access your intuitive wisdom, providing guidance that comes from your own subconscious.

The MARI® Card System (Mandala Assessment Research Instrument) is a creative self-discovery and assessment tool based on symbols and colours that provides a visual picture of your pysche. Mandala artist CJ Shelton is a Certified MARI® Practitioner and maintains active registration with MARI Canada.

The MARI process begins with drawing a mandala. No art experience is necessary and this stage can be skipped by those not comfortable doing art. The client then intuitively matches a series of symbols with colours. With the practitioner’s guidance, the meaning of the symbols and colours chosen are discussed in-depth.

This process is simple, fun and effective. It can assist you in finding solutions to questions you are currently living with by revealing what your deep unconscious self already knows the answer to.

COST: $180 for a 2 hour session. Fee includes mandala making, art materials, MARI reading and a written synopsis


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