“The Shapes of Our Life” – A Mandala Self-Discovery Workshop

The Shapes of Our Life Mandala Workshop_CJ Shelton

Event Date:

March 4, 2023

Event Time:

1:00 pm

Event Location:

The Alton Mill Arts Centre

Access the wisdom of your inner knowing through the 5 Universal Shapes

DATE:  Saturday, March 4, 2023

TIME:  1 to 4:30 pm (3.5 hours)

LOCATION:  In-person @ Studio #206 on the upper level of The Alton Mill Arts Centre

FEE:  $150 + HST per person

This workshop is based on using five simple geometric shapes (a circle, square, triangle, cross and spiral) to create a mandala that has personal meaning and significance for where you are currently in your life and where you are headed.

These five particular shapes are universal and are what is known as “archetypes”. They have been found to have similar meanings in cultures throughout the world and their innate symbolism provides a way of bypassing our logical mind to give access to our more intuitive ways of knowing.

We will start by taking a simple “test” that will determine your personal connection to these five shapes and how they relate to your inner subjective states. This simple but profound process will accurately reveal where your energies are currently focused and provide direction as to where best to place them to support your spiritual and personal growth over the coming months.

To reinforce the process, we will then use black paper with oil pastels or Prismacolor pencils to create a mandala (circular pattern) that incorporates the shapes you chose in the test. As you create, I will be showing you how to master an ethereal and “illuminated” effect with coloured pencils when working on a dark background.

Your finished mandala will not only be a beautiful design, but also a personal touchstone, window, and mirror into your own inner process. No artistic skills are needed to enjoy this process and create a beautiful design that is uniquely your own. All art materials are supplied.

This is an in-person workshop and limited to 6 participants. Please note that masks may be requested to be worn if Covid protocols are put in place again.

Any questions can be emailed to artist@dancingmoondesigns.ca

CANCELLATION POLICY: Space is limited and my workshops often have a wait list so they are non-refundable if you are a no-show or cancel last-minute. Exceptions may be made if circumstances warrant withdrawal from the class or a raincheck offered in lieu, but that decision will be at the discretion of the instructor. If cancellation due to weather or other extenuating circumstances is necessary the workshop will be rescheduled to a new date.

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  • The Alton Mill Arts Centre
  • 1402 Queen St. W., Studio #206
  • Alton
  • ON
  • Canada

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  • March 4, 2023 1:00 pm   -   4:30 pm
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