Finding Your Nature

Finding Your Nature

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An Online Summer Awareness Retreat

6 Weeks from July 13-August 23, 2020

Finding Your Nature is an online program that will run six weeks beginning July 13 and ending August 23. Its “retreat” like approach will take you on a quest to connect and strengthen your relationship to Nature, allowing it to become your guide as you continue to uncover what is most essential to your own nature.

During the height of summer’s beauty, this experiential journey through the natural world (whether you live in the city, suburbs or countryside), will let you use your five physical senses and intuitive sixth sense to explore Nature in new and creative ways. These “animal” ways of experiencing Nature are combined with physical, contemplative and creative activities designed to heighten your awareness, cultivate mindfulness and provide new tools and methods for seeking guidance.

The practices you will learn are drawn from a variety of sources – Celtic Druidism, Christian mysticism and Buddhism  – as well as CJ Shelton’s many years working within the Shamanic tradition and expressive arts. The program will help you incorporate these practices into your daily life and choose what is essential to take forward with you. By its completion you will have reconnected to your “animal” instincts and embodied a new way of being in relation to the natural world, one that deeply honours Mother Earth as a place of nurturance, sanctuary, revelation and guidance.

Live Zoom sessions will offer the opportunity to connect live with others in the program, ask questions, get feedback and be inspired by how others are engaging with the activities. If you are unable to attend live, these sessions will be recorded and available to listen to at your leisure.

The practices and ways of engaging with Nature in this program are what CJ Shelton does herself, each and every day. If you already enjoy her newsletter Under the Dancing Moon and/or receive her weekly Soul Snippets, you will love this program!

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