Courting the Elements

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Understanding Yourself and Others through the Royal Courts of the Tarot

Winter 2023 ONLINE Retreat

6 Weeks from January 29 – March 12, 2023

Embark on a journey of visioning your temperament and interpersonal relationships in a whole new way

Courting the Elements is my new online “retreat” program that introduces you to a lesser-known part of the Tarot referred to as the Court Cards while at the same time revealing a whole new way of understanding yourself and others.

This 6-week journey will take you deep into the realms of the Tarot Courts … peopled by Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages who rule their courts of Fire, Water, Air and Earth. These royal characters will be our guides in discovering how the elements mix and merge in our own personalities as well as those we interact with on a regular basis.

The format is self-directed with short and easily digestible daily lessons, a creative component to help you make a tangible map of your journey and the option of participating in live weekly Zoom calls and an online forum where you can share your journey with fellow travellers.

The “retreat” like approach will reconnect you to yourself and others in a whole new way, allowing greater understanding of yourself and more empathy in your personal interactions with others. Simply put … it is a fascinating study of human nature.

To read a full description of the course CLICK HERE.

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