Colours of Woman by CJ Shelton

CJ Shelton and Dancing Moon Designs offers unique ways to connect and learn in a group format with like-minded others who are also exploring, growing and developing as they walk the spiritual path.

The format of these gatherings is based on the ancient tradition of sitting in circle together and embraces the spirit of equality, inclusiveness, companionship and respect.

“A seeker of Truth looks beyond the apparent and contemplates the hidden.”

~ Rumi

The Mystic’s Circle

Learning & Sharing Gathering

Circle of Friends

Like-minded hearts and minds come together in this monthly gathering of friends “on the journey”.

Monthly in-person gatherings are currently held in CJ Shelton’s Studio at the Alton Arts Centre. An online format of the Mystic’s Circle is currently in the works.

The Way of the Wheel

Spiritual Mentorship Program

Medicine Wheel

In in-depth small group program for living and working with the cycles of Nature while learning more about the practice of shamanism within the framework of the Algonquin tradition.

This unique program provides a “lived experience” for participants over the course of a year with the Medicine Wheel acting as a compass for navigating life and the spiritual journey.

Dancing Moon Designs is dedicated to creating an environment that is inclusive of all, values all, and recognizes the rights of all. We are all equal.

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