Tree Images & Mandalas

Trees are archetypal symbols that resonate on a very deep level with our human consciousness and their significance is celebrated by all cultures in some form or another. CJ Shelton’s signature piece and logo for Dancing Moon Designs is The Moon Tree, an iconic design that is rich with symbolism.

Whether it is a Celtic “twisty” tree or a spirit tree, in this gallery you can enjoy more of CJ’s images of the “Standing Ones”, as trees are respectfully referred to by indigenous peoples.

Click on the images below to enlarge or scroll through.

The Legal Stuff

All images, designs and content on this website are COPYRIGHT OF CJ SHELTON WITH ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. They are the exclusive property of the artist CJ Shelton and fully protected under Copyright Law. No design, image or content is to be copied or reproduced in any form without full consent and permission from the artist.

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