Sacred Geometry Mandalas

Sacred geometry is the art and science of geometric patterns and their relationships but also a complex system of underlying symbols and structures involving space, time, form and spirit. In short, sacred geometry is the language of creation. From this perspective the basic patterns of all existence – nature and the cosmos – are perceived as sacred and form the laws and lore of the Universe.

These beautiful sacred geometry mandala designs by CJ Shelton are reminiscent of kaleidoscope patterns, each one completely unique and different. Many are based on the Seed of Life Pattern, the most mystical of all sacred geometry patterns.

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The Legal Stuff

All images, designs and content on this website are COPYRIGHT OF CJ SHELTON WITH ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. They are the exclusive property of the artist CJ Shelton and fully protected under Copyright Law. No design, image or content is to be copied or reproduced in any form without full consent and permission from the artist.

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