Gallery – The Art of CJ Shelton

Visual artist CJ Shelton creates striking and evocative images that combine intuitive, abstract and expressive elements with varying degrees of realism.

While her work reflects influences from her long professional career in illustration, graphic arts and wallpaper design, there is always an over-arching mystical and otherworldly feeling present due to CJ’s effective use of light and “illumination”. This is skillfully portrayed whether she is working with acrylics, watercolours, graphite, coloured pencil, pen & ink or mixed media pieces that combine paint, plaster and sculptural elements.

Simple or complex, each of CJ Shelton’s images tells a story in symbolic, metaphorical and imaginative ways, inviting the viewer to step into another world.

Why So Many Circles?

CJ Shelton’s primary inspiration is found in Nature and explorations of the “Wheel of Life”. She frequently uses the shape of a circle as a container for ideas, stories and the re-imagining of ancient wisdom, mythological themes and archetypal symbolism.

The use of sacred circles or “mandalas” (an ancient Sanskrit word meaning circle) can be found throughout all cultures and spiritual traditions. It is a shape without beginning or end and represents wholeness, unity, eternity and timelessness.

As you delve into The Art of CJ Shelton you will notice how prevalent the circular form is throughout her work. Whether highly visible or more implied, the circle is the unifying element that weaves together the many different themes, ideas and mediums she studies.


Browse and enjoy … click on the themed Gallery sections below to enjoy a sampling of CJ’s work.

"Beacon of Hope - Glastonbury Tor" by CJ Shelton

Sacred Landscapes

Explorations of liminal and numinous places where the "veils between worlds are thin" are featured in this gallery of light-filled
"Genesis" by CJ Shelton

Elemental Series

The forces of Fire, Water, Air and Earth are explored visually in this gallery of works layered with symbolism and sacred geometry.
Grace by CJ Shelton

The Grace Collection

This very special collection of "spiritualized" horse images graphically visualizes certain qualities as beautifully embodied by the equine soul.
Animal Mandalas

Animal Mandalas

The world of spirit animals and totemic symbolism is celebrated by CJ Shelton in this gallery of enchanting and whimsical animal themed mandalas.
Celtic Wheel of the Year Mandalas

Celtic Wheel of the Year Mandalas

These highly intricate mandalas are being created by CJ Shelton as a series to celebrate the Eight Seasonal Festivals of the Celtic Wheel of the Year.
"Flow" by CJ Shelton

Sacred Geometry Mandalas

These beautiful sacred geometry mandala designs by CJ Shelton are reminiscent of kaleidoscope patterns, each one completely unique and different.
Tree Images & Mandalas

Tree Images & Mandalas

Whether it is a Celtic "twisty" tree or a spirit tree, in this gallery you can enjoy more of CJ Shelton's images of the "Standing Ones".
Heartsong by CJ Shelton

Figurative Mandalas

This gallery features mandala designs and images by CJ Shelton that celebrate the "spirited" human form as well as guardians of Nature – faeries, devas and elementals.
Mixed Media Pieces

Mixed Media Pieces

CJ Shelton experiments with different mediums in this gallery that features intriguing sculptural pieces with texture and dimensional qualities.

The Legal Stuff

Copyright infringement is a very serious offense … all images, designs and content on this website are COPYRIGHT OF CJ SHELTON WITH ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. They are the exclusive property of the artist and fully protected under Copyright Law. No design, image or content is to be copied or reproduced in any form without full consent and permission of CJ Shelton.


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