Indulge your creative spirit

with a mystical blend
of art, nature and
ancient practices such
as shamanism, Tarot
and more

Hi, my name is CJ Shelton and I’m an Artist, Educator and Shamanic Practitioner.

If you are asking yourself the bigger questions about the mysteries of life or simply seeking more mindful ways to bring out your own creativity and love of nature, then you are in the right place. Welcome to the world of Dancing Moon Designs … feel free to explore, discover and connect in this peaceful, sacred space.

Genesis by CJ Shelton

Explore my art
& online shop

Immerse yourself in the spirit and beauty of nature’s Wheel of Life, the inspiration for my luminous “circular” art.

Discover your own
artistic abilities

Not sure where to start? Need a little
coaching? Book a private session or join me for a class in drawing or painting.

Colours of Woman by CJ Shelton

Connect with the
mystical side of life

There is more to life than meets the eye … a shamanic session, spiritual consultation or Tarot reading will take you deeper.

Join me in the circle …

The circular shape or “mandala” is the focal point of my art and the model I use for teaching and gathering people together. Why? Because a circle is a safe container to create, connect and converse and that is exactly what Dancing Moon Designs is all about.

You are invited to join me in the studio or online, to indulge and
feed your creative spirit as you explore our beautiful magical world in new and exciting ways.

On this website, you can enjoy my visionary art inspired by nature’s Circle of Life, purchase one-of-a-kind products featuring my images, take a class in drawing or painting, book a session with me to learn more about mindfulness, spirituality, sacred geometry and the ancient mystical practices of shamanism and the Tarot.

Whichever path you choose to enter my “circle”, know that you are welcome here in this sacred space where budding creatives and
curious seekers can explore the world through an artist’s eyes.

Let’s Stay Connected

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