Welcome to this sacred space

for nurturing your creativity and nourishing your spirit. Here you will find inspiring art, creative learning opportunities and guidance for your soul’s journey.

Let’s illuminate your path to awareness, awakening and artistic expression.

Hi, my name is CJ Shelton and I’m an Artist, Educator and Shamanic Practitioner.

Whether it’s in the tranquil atmosphere of my studio or one of my supportive online Circles, here you can be inspired by my mystical images of the spirit in nature, take an art class or workshop to develop your own creativity, or receive guidance and mentorship on your spiritual journey.

Genesis by CJ Shelton

Explore my art
& online shop

Immerse yourself in my luminous paintings, mandala art, sacred geometry designs and other mystical images

Discover your own
artistic abilities

Take an in-person art class, private lessons, creativity coaching or team-building session and join my online Artist’s Circle

Colours of Woman by CJ Shelton

Connect with the spiritual side of life

Book a shamanic, Tarot or mandala interpretation session and join the Mystic’s Circle to find answers to the questions your soul is asking

Indulge your creative spirit and let it shine …

I offer art classes and creativity workshops, transformational learning programs, and self-development sessions for individuals, groups and organizations on the journey to wholeness and a balanced life.

My work is rooted in the wisdom of nature’s circles and cycles, the ancient practice of shamanism and time-honoured symbol systems like mandala-making, sacred geometry and Tarot.

By whichever path you enter my circle may you find it a safe and sacred space to let your spirit shine.

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